Nicole Edwards-Au Pair Scam

So lately I've been looking for au pair opportunities to get to work and study in the United States. The responses from host families weren't quick so I was surprised when a certain Nicole Edwards contacted me through Facebook. Now the scammers don't just use emails but also use the Social Networking sites to fool other people.

January 25 at 11:45am Report
I saw your ID on E aupair.Com and decided to check you here on face book.I am Mrs Nicole Edwards and i would be glad if you could take up this job to be the nanny of my daughters,and my instincts still tells me you will be a very perfect person for the job.Let me tell a little bit about my daughters,Their names are Casey and Jennifer,Casey is the oldest,she is 10 years of age while Jennifer is 5 years old,i will like you to take care of them when am not around and you treat them as if they are your sisters,All you have to do is to bath them,prepare them for school and make sure they are fine always.The name of my husband is Campbell Edwards and he works here in fabric company while i work for a Non governmental organization for less privileged and i traveled a lot(WHO),You are welcome to stay for as long as you wish..We stay here in 8 lake street Illinois Addison which is a nice place to stay.Kisses and Hugs
If you are interested you can just email me on (

Having been hanging out online for quite sometime, I do not easily believe in every thing that she said because for one, when I looked at her name online, there were not references to support her claims. I looked at their address on Google Maps and as expected, I didn't see any lavish home. All I saw was an intersection. I replied with my interest and here's the response that I got.

January 25 at 3:17pm Report
Hello Good to hear from you, How you doing? I have started telling my daughters about you and they cant wait to meet you. When will you be available?? you can stay here at my house for as long as you want...You will always be with them when am around and away, your monthly payment is $1500 and $200 i give you to buy anything for yourself as pocket fee..i would take you as part of my family

I know a very reliable, secure and reputable immigration office whom i trust who can get you a visa within a very short period of time. They help me and my friends with flight tickets and vacations reservations. Here is the email of the immigration office as soon as you contact them let me know.

I would like to inform you would pay part of the visa processing fees because the last time i helped an aupair from France pay for her visa and flight ticket she arrived the US and didn't work for me, For this not to repeat itself and me not look like a fool for the second time i have decided you pay part of your visa processing fees. I hope this is okay with you.
Kisses and Hugs

If I were as gullible as many other people, I would easily believe in her sweet words. I added her on Facebook and looked at her pictures. What sparked my doubt about her identity was when she only had 22 friends and most of them are Filipinos and some equally weird-looking names. Maybe she added the Filipinos to trick while the others are just for the support of her fancy claims.

I was surprised when I could no longer access her profile today, I must have been blocked or something. I asked her several things and that must have tipped her that I am suspicious.

She told me to contact Owen Blames for the processing of my papers. Emailed the guy, didn't receive any reply.

Today, we chatted and she has proven me that she indeed is a scam. When asked about the name of the organization that she works for, she paused for several minutes and told me, "To Help The Needy". I told her it's a weird name and said it's a relatively new organization. When asked where her kids study, she kept me waiting for like 5 minutes and came up with non-existent school.

Here are the screenshots of most of our conversations.


A message that I sent "Nicole Edwards" telling her that I already knew that she's a SCAM. Notice that she then became offline.

For some weird reason, my internet got cut off and the other part of our conversation wasn't recorded.

What intrigued me most was when I asked her if what time is it in IL now. She said it's 10:38 AM (it's 10:38 PM when we chat). Having been working in a call center, I know for a fact that IL has CST and not EST (Eastern Standard Time). I asked her to speak with me on cam and microphone and she told me she's currently at work. I asked if she won't get caught chatting with me at work, she said it won't be a problem. Now that sounds like contradicting statements.

For all those who may be contacted by Nicole Edwards, don't believe her for she's a scam. She's not who she claim to be. For many people who would like to take advantage of the au pair program, contact your local agencies for safer transactions and DO NOT send money online. Also, don't believe everything they say, do your own research.


kk said...

Woah, scammers these days... I received a facebook message from Campbell Edwards, which an equally suspicious profile (except for the photos).
But what really rouse my suspion was the e-mail address:

Thanks for your post and let's hope no one falls for these scams!

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

A reader sent me a message telling me that she received the same email from "Nicole Edwards". I know she must have changed her name now but I'm sure they're still using the same tactics or similar. Here's the email:

I wasn't able to post a comment on your post about Nicole Edwards so I decided
to send you an email.

I received exactly same message from her in facebook. I answered her and she
answered back again almost asame message which you got too. And she said that
here are some pictures but there weren't any..
My parents were very worried about if she really is who she says she is so I
googled the owen blames and came across with this. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I would propably have been so fool and paid but not after reading this so thanks
again. You saved my money.
By the way I'm from Finland.

I trust people too much :(

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this because you have helped me to avoid getting fooled by this Nicole Edwards.

I wonder where do I find legit au pair programs and sites?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post because I received yesterday a message from Coyle Farmers, who asked me to be her aupair girl. I was suspicious and I was right because she used excatly the same words as Nicole Edwards!

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Just as I've predicted, the scammers used a different name but similar tactic, lame.

Be careful not to fall into any of these. If it seems to be unbelievable then it sure isn't genuine.

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I Love-Hate America by Bing said...

Scammers are all around...everywhere.
Jon, I am not here to discourage you, but I have to say the American government and immigration is really bent on to close for immigrant workers unless they cannot fill in those employment. Only workers in the medical field are still in lack , that's why they still hire migrant workers from that field. Au pair is not in demand----there are numerous local agencies here to fill the demand of au pairs ; especially if you have to compete with undocumented Filipinos here---who are very known as one of the best "au pairs".
My brother is a nurse and a CGFNS passer and is connected with an agency here in the U.S. since 2006. It's 2010, and he's not here yet since the agency is still granting employment to the ones who were waiting before 2006. Back-log even in the nursing industry. But the U.S. needs a lot of medical workers such as nurses.

What you should do, if you know somebody here who can sponsor your studies, ask them to help you, so you can get a student visa, or someone there in the Phils. who is willing to support your college finances----to prove that you can pay for the tuition.

Anonymous said...

i just got the same mail today. from mr. and. mrs. coyle farmers. found out it was a scam when i cheked the adress, another family lives there.

Anonymous said...

hey guys there is michelle parker is scam too,here is her msg to me
David Parker July 3 at 6:30pm Report
I saw your ID on Aupair Options and decided to check you here on face book.I am Mrs Michelle Parkers and i would be glad if you could take up this job to be the nanny of my son,and my instincts still tells me you will be a very perfect person for this job.Let me tell a little bit about my son,His name is Micheal,i will like you to take care of him when am not around and away,You treat him like a brother and son,All you have to do is bath him,prepare him for school and make sure he is fine always.The name of my husband is David Parker and he works here in a Transportation Company while i work for a Non governmental organization for less privileged and i traveled a lot(WHO),You are welcome to stay for as long as you wish..We stay here in 511 North Lee Street Valdosta, GA 31601-4723, United States.Kisses and Hugs
If you are interested you can just email me on
so please be careful guys!!!!!! now they are using the different names and even using the facebook, putting different photos. she also gave me this address as an agency and address as her lawyer. i asked her to chat with me with webcam and mic, but she said she doesn't have one.

Anonymous said...

Fredrick Taylor from UK
email :
he is also scamer

I hope through this blog,we can make an rebellion-act and be united

last month,I also grab email scamer from many odd family.

they join on many webmaster of aupair..

fuck and fuck..

we must spread many action to other people prevent this condition..

warm regards from Indonesia